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01-Devils_Golf_Course-light_steady_rain-didn't_visit_Dantes_View_since_covered_in_clouds-1153am 02-rare_sight_to_see_puddles_of_water_in_Death_Valley-it_rained_the_entire_tour-big_storm_system_blowing_through 03-salt_hole_at_Devils_Golf_Course 04-salt_hole
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05-zoom_of_the_small_opening_in_the_salt_hole-see_the_fragile_salt_hairs 06-Badwater-very_weird_to_see_everything_wet-didn't_see_Telescope_Peak 07-Badwater_spring 08-very_neat_to_see_rain_drops_in_water_at_Badwater
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Rare opportunity to have a Death Valley tour two days in a row during a warm Pacific storm. The first day was an amazing tour because they entire time it rained. The second day the landscape was covered with amazing clouds and very clear crisp views.
At first, the guests weren't thrilled with the rain, but later they realized this is a rare opportunity to visit Death Valley while raining. I conducted the tour differently due to the rain. I didn't bother with driving to Dante's View because it was in a cloud the entire tour. We simply enjoyed a casual experience at many stops in the valley. It was amazing to see puddles of water everywhere. We saw small streams flowing along Artists Palette Drive. We stopped along the side of the road to enjoy one of those streams. We got to experience what happens when the ground gets saturated with light steady rain resulting in a small flood. Each of them merged with other streams eventually resulting in a bigger flood which closed the road probably an hour or so after we left. The next day Artists Drive, Devils Golf Course, 20-mule team Canyon and Salt Creek Rd were closed. Death Valley received half an inch of rain when they normally receive less than two inches a year. If several more storms like this occur this Winter, there will be an amazing wildflower season in the Spring.

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