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05-me_scrambling-from_Kay 06-sure_looks_like_Laszlo_is_a_mountain_goat-holds_better_than_it_looks-from_Kay 07-Laszlo_scrambling-from_Kay 08-Laszlo_and_I_in_a_pretty_wash-from_Kay
05-me_scrambling... 06-sure_looks_li... 07-Laszlo_scramb... 08-Laszlo_and_I_...
Aborted attempt to establish a scrambling route from Gold Strike Canyon to Boy Scout Canyon. We spent a lot of time looking finding a way down. I got within 230 feet of Boy Scout Canyon, but we had to turn around so we can make sure to reach the cars before sunset. There is a chance to make it down, but the effort would be better suited from Boy Scout Canyon looking up. Future consideration.
Had two bouts of severe leg cramps on the way back. They were so bad that the muscle in my left leg seized up. I couldn't bend the leg at all. After massaging it, drinking more water and consuming electrolytes I was fine. Two different muscles above the knee were effected.
On the way down we noticed someone left a big cooler about .5 miles from the trailhead (picture 76) as a memorial to Kiilani. She died in Gold Strike Canyon last Summer. The cooler contains lots of salt packets and extra water. In the morning, there were a half-dozen water bottles. At the end of the day, those bottles were gone. Apparently, people hiked down and figured they can take the emergency water when not an emergency. It is very amazing so see how many people go down that canyon unprepared. I wonder if the NPS will remove the cooler.


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