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01-0730-no_roadblock-supposed_to_open_to_public_at_0800-police_probably_went_home_last_night 02-matter_of_perspective-doesn't_look_like_any_burned_area_from_this_vantage_point 03-lots_of_signs_along_the_road_thanking_the_fire_fighters 04-first_burned_area_seen_at_Harris_Springs_Rd
01-0730-no_roadb... 02-matter_of_per... 03-lots_of_signs... 04-first_burned_...
05-fire_damage_from_road_level 06-zoom_of_Harris_Peak-thankfully_the_entire_mountain_didn't_get_scorched 07-drove_a_little_ways_up_Harris_Springs_Rd-some_burned_area 08-happy_to_see_areas_that_were_not_burned_mixed_with_burned_areas
05-fire_damage_f... 06-zoom_of_Harri... 07-drove_a_littl... 08-happy_to_see_...

I would really like to hike in the backcountry to Harris and Griffith Peak for pictures, but that area is unfortunately closed since it is still an active smoldering fire. The area is referred to by the firefighters at 'goat rock' which is only accessible by Bighorn Sheep (although, not found in this area) and thus too difficult for the firefighters. What is ironic is that this is the type of terrain I and many other mountaineers travel for hikes. Although, I have to give credit to the firefighters because I'm not carrying an unbalanced 50 to 80 pound pack with gear. In the meantime, time to respect the closure of this area and hope that it opens up again in the near future.



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