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01-numerous_flood_fed_ponds_close_to_road_at_second_dip_after_Rainbow_Vista-4_to_5_days_after_significant_storms 02-carefully_park_along_road_avoiding_sandpit 03-hundreds_of_tadpoles_to_be_red_spotted_toads_in_a_few_days 04-closer_view_of_tadpoles_wanting_to_leave_the_water,but_not_ready
01-numerous_floo... 02-carefully_par... 03-hundreds_of_t... 04-closer_view_o...
05-walk_a_little_further_from_the_road_to_drop 06-look_down_to_see_another_big_pond 07-climb_down_for_this_view 08-this_pond_will_evaporate_the_slowest
05-walk_a_little... 06-look_down_to_... 07-climb_down_fo... 08-this_pond_wil...

Pictures 1 - 14 were from 9/12/2013. Lots of rain from 9/7 and 9/8 providing the life cycle of toads and shrimp to start. Pictures 15 - 26 were from 9/18/2013. Pictures 27-35 were from 9/26/2013. Pictures 36-41 were from 10/2/2013. Pictures 42-43 were from 10/3/2013.
A noticable difference of the size of the ponds over a three week period. I expected the pond furthest from the road to exist for another week or so, but it dried up about three weeks after the rains. The tadpoles clustered together and died trying to take advantage of the last vestige of water until it evaporated on probably 9/30 or 10/1. I was able to spot a handful of toads hopping around on 10/2, but none visible on 10/3.

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