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Bighorn_Sheep1 Bighorn_Sheep2 Cabins-crevice_with_water-I_climbed_down_for_photos1 Cabins-crevice_with_water-I_climbed_down_for_photos2
Bighorn_Sheep1.jpg Bighorn_Sheep2.jpg Cabins-crevice_w... Cabins-crevice_w...
Cabins-crevice_with_water-I_climbed_down_for_photos3 Cabins-crevice_with_water-tadpole_and_fairy_shrimp_swimming_around_last_puddle_of_water_before_evaporating1 Cabins-crevice_with_water-tadpole_and_fairy_shrimp_swimming_around_last_puddle_of_water_before_evaporating2 Cabins-crevice_with_water-tadpole_and_fairy_shrimp_swimming_around_last_puddle_of_water_before_evaporating3
Cabins-crevice_w... Cabins-crevice_w... Cabins-crevice_w... Cabins-crevice_w...

This tour was like a safari. The most wildlife I've ever seen on a Valley of Fire tour. The tortoise and sheep were seen at the Visitor Center.
The tadpole and fairy shrimp were swimming around in the little bit of water still available from severe storms over a month earlier. The crevice is near the Cabins to the right of the area where a dried pool is normally visible. That pool was muddy. I had to scramble down keeping myself in place carefully to get good photos and video as you can see by the pictures. The pictures are from one of my guests using their camera since I didn't bring mine along. A very neat experiece!


Shrimp_swimming_around_puddle_before_evaporating-1080p.mts - [138 MB]

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