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01-original_bite 02-guy_was_big_strong_and_young-that's_why_he_survived 03-leg_is_turning_green 04-didn't_have_to_amputate_leg,but_leg_slit_open_to_drain
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05-leg 06-most_of_the_length_of_lower_leg_was_slit 07-leg-the_next_two_pictures_are_gruesome 08-venom_was_starting_to_digest_the_muscle
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This individual was biten by a Mojave Green Rattlesnake on 8/8/2010 at Nelsons Landing in Eldorado Canyon area outside Nelson, NV. The information and pictures are from the Werly family who own Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours. They received these photos from the victim. The rattlesnake is the deadliest in the country. Most people can die in 30 minutes or so.

The man was apparently chasing after a lizard when we was struck by the snake on the left leg above the ankle. They made it back to their car to drive to the Werly's for help and to call an ambulance. They told them to start driving as it would take too long for an ambulance to get here. The Werly's proceeded to call all the hospitals in Las Vegas to find out which one had the anti-venom. The victim was called by the Werly's while driving to Las Vegas to go to St. Rose Hospital. The hospital was notified they will be arriving soon.

The victim's leg swelled greatly and turned green. The leg had to be slit open to drain. The venom ate away his muscle. Probably the reason he survived, even though taking almost two hours to get to the hospital, was because he was young, big, and strong. He remained in I.C.U. for two weeks and will take a year to hopefully fully recover. He is very lucky to be alive.

The pictures are gruesome.